Exercise Bands - A Perfect Home Gym Equipment?

Exercise bands are certainly less impressive than the last super heavy machine you see at the gyms. They don't have an exceptional design, multi function, maximum user weight of 500 pounds and the latest discovery for muscle building and fat loss. And sorry, they don't range from $599 and $3,679. Nope.

Exercise bands are just Resistance bands and provide just that: RESISTANCE. The critical factor that will determine if your exercises are challenging enough. If you challenge your body enough, it will trigger a response that depends on what you are training for, muscle gains or fat loss.


Fact is, you don't need expensive machines to train and sculpt your body. You can have a total body workout as well as training specific muscle groups with fitness bands. There are absolutely no limit to the amount of exercises you can perform as well as the results you can get.

Thanks to their versatility you can attack muscles on every angle, and even work out the little stabilisation muscles that are so important to strenghten to prevent injuries. You want to become stronger or leaner, improve your overall health, mobility and flexibility, increase the size of your biceps or reduce your waist size, exercise bands are the way to go.

Don't ruin yourself. Spend as little as $50 and own a complete home gym system that you can keep with you everywhere you go and perform literally hundreds of exercises.

Resistance bands don't need a lot of room. If you want to train at home, you won't need a lot of space for storage, they'll nicely fit in their bag (okay or under your bed), ready for another round when you need to train. And they will come with you on vacation if you want to keep your results.

They usually come with a door anchor, which allow you to attach the resistance band at any height you want and train any muscle on any angle. It's not always necessary and whatever you want to achieve, you can. Biceps, abs, back, thighs, chest... you name it.

One last thing to add, most resistance bands come with a lifetime warranty. How's that for a great deal!? Not sure many machines compare with that kind of guarantee.

It seems the Bodylastics sets are still on sale, this is the Holiday price and this is certainly one great occasion to get some ultra powerful fitness equipment at a great price. At the time of new year’s resolution, getting back in shape may be one of those for you. If so you will want to check out prices of the various Bodylastics bands sets on sale: they’re ALL discounted!

Bodylastics Bands Sale Prices

With savings going from $5 to $20, approximately. And it’ not just for US orders! All orders, Canada, UK and Europe countries get a discount, so no reason to not get your set! You can choose your country and order here.

Here are the prices in USD for each set:

$39.95 – $34.95 for Basic Tension
$53.95 – $43.95 for Basic Tension XT (with DVDs)
$54.95 – $44.95 for Max Tension
$62.95 – $53.95 for Max Tension XT (with DVDs)
$91.95 – $77.95 for Super Strong Man
$99.95 – $86.95 for Super Strong Man XT (with DVDs)
$129.95 – $109.95 for Mega Resistance (with DVDs)
$139.95 – $119.95 for MMA Training System (with DVDs)

To get a clear comparison of all sets, you can check our table that tells you everything you need to know about each. Here it is: Compare Bodylastics Sets.

Bodylastics Bands Sale: New Product!

Also you will see that Bodylastics has launched a new Anchor system (the Bodylastics UltraAnchor) which offers 24 connection points and quickly installs on any 34″ width door. It will be priced at $55.95 but the introductory price is now $44.95. It may be a nice addition to your set that will let you have the configuration of your choice for your workouts. I consider this as a one setup that you don’t have to touch again, ready to use for each training session.

You will see it on the product page too.

Okay now don’t delay, as I don’t know how long the sale prices will last.

In my previous posts about Bodylastics Bands, I introduced the Bodylastics MMA Training set and mentioned the differences with the Mega Resistance Pack. Also in the Bodylastics review, you can also learn what you get in the various packages. However, I think it would just be easier for everyone to see what’s included in each pack, with a simple table.

(You can see all Bodylastics Sets here)

So this is it:

Bodylastics Bands Comparison Chart!

Bodylastics Sets => 

Included Parts

Basic Tension MMA Starter Set Max Tension Super Stong Man Mega Resistance MMA Training System
Yellow (5lbs) 1 1 1 1 2 2
Green (7lbs) 1 1 1 1 2 2
Red (13lbs) 1 1 1 1 2 2
Blue (19lbs) 1 1 1 1 2 2
Black (23lbs) No No 1 1 2 2
Orange (30lbs) No No No 2 2 2
Handles 2 2 2 4 4 4
Ankle Straps 2 2 2 4 4 6
Door Anchors 2 2 2 2 2 2
Bag Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anywhere Anchor No Yes No No No Yes
User Book Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bonus DVD XT set No XT set XT set Yes Yes
6-DVD Box-Set XT set No XT set XT set Yes No
1 Year Learning Center Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $45.95
XT: $53.95
$49.95 $54.95
$XT: $62.95
XT: $99.95
$129.95 $139.95

See All Bodylastics Bands Sets

You can see that the Basic, Max Tension and Superstrong Man (Terrel Owens bands) sets also come in an XT version, which includes Bonus DVDs, for an additional $8. Considering the price of the Bonus DVD is $19.95 and the 6-DVD Box Set (Chiseled series 3) is $24.95, getting the XT upgrade for these packs is certainly a smart choice.

What Bodylastics Bands Set Should You Go For?

So what Bodylastics Resistance Bands set do you think is for you? You have to consider your fitness level but also how you will approach your fitness goals. If you’re serious about your body, then you may really want to choose one of the last 3 sets. Also consider if you are going to train alone or with a partner, friend or family member.

The anywhere anchor is a great addition that both MMA sets include, but if you’re sure to train only at home then the door anchors should certainly do the job, anyway the difference between the Mega Resistance and the MMA Training set are minimal.

Bodylastics bands offer a lot of versatility and the choice of exercise to compose a full body workout is huge. You will never run out of idea to create a great fat burning or muscle building routine. And if you really did, all sets come wieht the 1 free year access to the learning center so you can get even more tips and exercises. Note that the user book and dvds are also packed with many exercises.

With each set you always get at least 2 door anchors, 2 handles and 2 ankle straps so you’re sure to train all your body parts on any angle. The Super Stron Man, Mega Resistance and MMA training sets include 4 of each (6 ankle straps for the last one) so it may be more aimed at 2 persons training together BUT, if you’re strong and train hard and need high resistance level then these are for you too.

Basically only you know what Bodylastics bands set you need. Your will to train, your use of each included components, your strenght and what you value the most in each set will tell you what pack is the most appropriate for you.

See All Bodylastics Bands Sets

As I wrote the last update about the new Bodylastics MMA Training Set, I didn’t realise that comparing it to the Bodylastics Mega Resistance Family Edition System would have been clearer if I simply listed all elements of both packs side by side.

Order Bodylastics Mega Resistance Family Edition

However some people could have find it still confusing. So instead, I’m just going to list the components of the Mega Resistance Family Edition Set, and update the MMA one with full details as well.

So what are the ingredients of the Bodylastics Mega Resistance set:

12 Resistance Bands – 2 of each tension. That means:

  • 2 yellow (5 lbs)
  • 2 green (7 lbs)
  • 2 red (13 lbs)
  • 2 blue (19 lbs)
  • 2 black (23 lbs)
  • 2 orange (30 lbs)

4 Handles, so you can train with someone else and not have a lonely workout anymore.

4 Ankle Straps (2 pairs) – as the name suggests you can attach the bands to your ankles and perform legs moves. However, you may as well put these around your wrists for some arms or shoulder exercises, these can be more comfortable depensing on the angle.

2 Door Anchors – The door anchor is the MUCH needed accessory any serious pack of resistance bands should include. If you really want to take the most out of a fitness bands set, then you must have this little thing to perform hundreds of exercises. And it requires 2 seconds to place it behind your door!

User Manual – This is the 76 pages book that comes with each pack, detailing 127 exercises.

Bonus DVD – Full of workouts for muscle building, toning, abs training and pilates.

6-DVD Boxset – This is the Chiseled Series 3 boxset, so you’ll never run out of a different workout, and you’ll save some bucks on hiring a personal trainer ;)

Bag – This is the large bag version which you can pack everything inside, it has enough rooms for all your set and will be your travl companion if you keep working out on vacation.

You also get free access to online live workouts, video instruction and coaching.

This is one set I can easily recommend to anyone who needs more resistance, but also for couples or well like the name suggest the family. If you’re training with friends, you can purchase this one together and cut the total cost. It will be a complete home gym for at least 2 to 4 person.

The content is like you were buying 2 Bodylastics Terrel Owens Super Strong Man Edition, except you save much more than if you did. (By the way the content of the Terrel Owens bands pack is detailed in our Bodylastics Review)

Bodylastics Mega Resistance Family Edition vs Bodylastics MMA Training System

Now should you buy this one over the MMA Training set considering there’s only $5. Well, the MMA training system has the Anywhere Anchor and 2 additional ankle straps, but doesn’t have the 6 DVDs.

If you ABSOLUTELY value DVD workouts then get the Mega Resistance Family Edition.

However I think the Anywere Anchor can really spice up your workouts and get you more speed and strentgh or overall power. I’d recommend you get the MMA Training Set. Simply because the workout dvds are just that: workouts. With the tons of workouts you can already create yourself, see others online, and get inspired with the Bonus DVD and User Manual included, you will not need much of these.

It may be a good idea that another MMA workout DVD demonstrating exercises with the Anywhere Anchor is released later and added to this pack.

The bottom line: both are great sets, and you will not be disappointed.

Official bodylastics links:

Bodylastics MMA Training SystemBodylastics, the favorite portable home gym system of thousands of athletes has created a new set, the Bodylastics MMA Training System.

Check the MMA Training System details.

Is this something new and is it worth the price?

Well for the price it is totally worth it, at $134.95, this is the most expensive Bodylastics set, but just like all other sets of the brand it is packed with awesome value and there’s no doubt it is such a great investment.

As for the “new” part, well it is more or less the same content as in the Mega Resistance Family Edition, which is $129.95. So where is the $5 difference? Here’s where…

They both have the same number of resistance bands (12, 2 of each tension), handles (4) and door anchors (2). They also both come with the user manual, the Bonus DVD and you get free access to Online video instruction and coaching and live workouts.

However the MMA Training System includes 6 ankle straps instead of 4 in the Mega Resistance.

The large bag, which ships separately is stamped of a “MMA Training System by Bodylastics” instead of the Bodylastics logo, but they both seem the same size and play no real difference.

A 6-DVD Box set (Chiseled Series 3) is included in the Mega Resistance set.

Finally, and this is where the real extra is, the Anywhere Anchor, included only in the MMA Training System, but can be purchased sparately for $16.95. As the name suggests, this anchor will allow you to train anywhere, and will go around trees, poles, etc. It also serves as a training belt, so you can attach your body to it and thus create resistance for all your moves. Great for fighting and wrestling workouts.

(See the content of theĀ  MMA Training System and Mega Resistance Family Edition)

To recap, Bodylastics MMA Training System = Mega Resistance – Chiselsed Series 3 DVD Box set + 1 Pair of Ankle Strap + Anywhere Anchor


  • 12 Elastic Tubes
  • 4 Handles
  • 6 Ankle Straps (3 pairs)
  • 2 Door Anchors
  • Anywhere Anchor
  • User Manual
  • Bonus DVD
  • Large MMA Bag
  • Free Live Workouts
  • Online Video Coaching and Instructions

The new Bodylastics MMA Training Set is well priced, and includes some additional accessories that will please the MMA community as well as the athlete who wants the ultimate set that allows him or her to train outdoor, thanks to the Anywhere Anchor.

What is still interesting to note is that each of these extra fitness accessories can be purchased separately, so even if you wanted to purchase a starter Bodylastics resistance system, such as the Basic Tension set, you could add the Anywhere Anchor to it as well.

Bodylastics MMA Workout

Also, Bodylastics creator Blake Kassel partnered with Rashad Evans, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and coach Mike Van Arsdal to demonstrate the Bodylastics MMA Training System. So if you’re interested, you can watch over 90 minutes of MMA workout with this set HERE (there are 2 videos), and you can even do the same workout if you want.

Rashad Evans start with a warmup before getting into a workout using the Anywhere Anchor. Though the exercises are simple and use your bodyweight, they will really push your body to the limit. The Anywhere Anchor will really help you develop explosivity and power since your whole body needs to fight the resistance while you do other moves.

Click HERE to watch the MMA Workout with Bodylastics MMA Training System