Training With Resistance Bands?

Why would you want to start training with resistance bands? Mm, the answer for me lays along the lines of “train anytime, anywhere, perform any type of exercise under any angle”. Maybe I could share my own story, you could … Continue reading →


Bodylastics Bands Set On Sale!

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Update On Home Gym Resistance Bands

Hey Welcome (back if you remember this site)!

Wow it’s been a while I updated this website for the last time. Something like X years!

Now of course there’s not much more I can add to Bodylastics and fitness bands or resistance bands in general. But I will. Read on.

If you’re here I guess you want a straight to the point answer on what you should be getting for your fitness goals.

Okay, I’ll do that for you 😉

Some news about Fitness Resistance Bands?

So I’ve been a huge fan of Bodylastics and I won’t change my mind on those. Here’s one thing that I want to add about them.

They’re still here. They haven’t changed name to become something else. They didn’t disappear. And you know why?

Simply because of the product itself. They’ve been doing their “home gym in a bag” thingy and it’s a high quality product.

People keep referring to them because, yes it’s a great product, but also because they’re still here! I couldn’t recommend you get your set if they weren’t around.

I’ll have to update the website more in depth with new products from them, new prices but also with the discontinued sets.

What about other brands?

Which brings me to admit that there’s not much competition in their category.

Bodylastics are originally fitness tubes with clips so you can use multiple ones at once on one handle.  Simply attach your band to a door (with the supplied door anchor), and perform any kind of exercise under any angle.

Now their anti-snap clipping system is proprietary so, as I said, there’s no other competitors.

Since you can use multiple bands at the same time, you can increase the resistance, and thus challenge your muscles over time, and build muscle mass.

Or do some super quick full body workout circuits for fat loss.

Whatever is your fitness goal, it’s indeed a gym in a bag system you can bring anywhere and reach your fitness goals.

Note: I’m not talking about the nutrition phase which is damn important. You certainly know 80% of your success is nutrition, 20% exercising. Let’s move on.

However, another brand such as Ripcords also have their tube sets. Each tube has its handles. So you use each tube individually, and this is still a great option (here).

But… Bodylastics now have expanded their range of products and also have resistance tubes with handles in addition to their clipping ones. And even more!

So yes, you can check out other brands, it’s still another option.

I’m still leaving the old articles about the other brand bands here on the website for your info only, but those are obsolete.

Recommendation on Resistance Bands?

Well if you’ve been reading until here… you have guessed the following.

Bodylastics are tubes, and they have various packs you may choose from.

They have created various sets in the past that may not be available anymore.

If you saw those in the past, you know they were just the same, with more or less tubes, more or less accessories, depending on the level of resistance you wanted.

However they have now any type of tubes or bands for anyone preferences and goals.

Loop bands?

Flat resistance bands?

As well as some other range of fitness accessories (yoga mats, foam rollers, stability ball).

They’re definitely a serious company. They make a great quality product that’s been around since 1998! There must be a reason why they’re still here and others are gone.

Not only that,  the price is still SUPER low. You may not believe it if it’s your first time visiting their shop.

Like the biggest tubes set – the mega resistance pack offering upto 404 lbs of resistance – and thus the most expensive set has been on sale recently for $114.95… and all others are even cheaper.

Considering all the mentioned above, they could certainly have charged more for their stuff.

P.S: So whatever type of tubes or bands you want to get started immediately on your fitness quest – whether it is bodybuilding or fat loss – Bodylastics is your answer. You’ll have plenty of exercises you can perform from the comfort of your home. The only other equipment you need is a door 😉

Check out Bodylastics here.

IF you wanted some other types of bands such as simple flat and loop resistance bands, guess what… They also do those now!

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