Bodylastics MMA Training SystemBodylastics, the favorite portable home gym system of thousands of athletes has created a new set, the Bodylastics MMA Training System.

Check the MMA Training System details.

Is this something new and is it worth the price?

Well for the price it is totally worth it, at $134.95, this is the most expensive Bodylastics set, but just like all other sets of the brand it is packed with awesome value and there’s no doubt it is such a great investment.

As for the “new” part, well it is more or less the same content as in the Mega Resistance Family Edition, which is $129.95. So where is the $5 difference? Here’s where…

They both have the same number of resistance bands (12, 2 of each tension), handles (4) and door anchors (2). They also both come with the user manual, the Bonus DVD and you get free access to Online video instruction and coaching and live workouts.

However the MMA Training System includes 6 ankle straps instead of 4 in the Mega Resistance.

The large bag, which ships separately is stamped of a “MMA Training System by Bodylastics” instead of the Bodylastics logo, but they both seem the same size and play no real difference.

A 6-DVD Box set (Chiseled Series 3) is included in the Mega Resistance set.

Finally, and this is where the real extra is, the Anywhere Anchor, included only in the MMA Training System, but can be purchased sparately for $16.95. As the name suggests, this anchor will allow you to train anywhere, and will go around trees, poles, etc. It also serves as a training belt, so you can attach your body to it and thus create resistance for all your moves. Great for fighting and wrestling workouts.

(See the content of theĀ  MMA Training System and Mega Resistance Family Edition)

To recap, Bodylastics MMA Training System = Mega Resistance – Chiselsed Series 3 DVD Box set + 1 Pair of Ankle Strap + Anywhere Anchor


  • 12 Elastic Tubes
  • 4 Handles
  • 6 Ankle Straps (3 pairs)
  • 2 Door Anchors
  • Anywhere Anchor
  • User Manual
  • Bonus DVD
  • Large MMA Bag
  • Free Live Workouts
  • Online Video Coaching and Instructions

The new Bodylastics MMA Training Set is well priced, and includes some additional accessories that will please the MMA community as well as the athlete who wants the ultimate set that allows him or her to train outdoor, thanks to the Anywhere Anchor.

What is still interesting to note is that each of these extra fitness accessories can be purchased separately, so even if you wanted to purchase a starter Bodylastics resistance system, such as the Basic Tension set, you could add the Anywhere Anchor to it as well.

Bodylastics MMA Workout

Also, Bodylastics creator Blake Kassel partnered with Rashad Evans, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and coach Mike Van Arsdal to demonstrate the Bodylastics MMA Training System. So if you’re interested, you can watch over 90 minutes of MMA workout with this set HERE (there are 2 videos), and you can even do the same workout if you want.

Rashad Evans start with a warmup before getting into a workout using the Anywhere Anchor. Though the exercises are simple and use your bodyweight, they will really push your body to the limit. The Anywhere Anchor will really help you develop explosivity and power since your whole body needs to fight the resistance while you do other moves.

Click HERE to watch the MMA Workout with Bodylastics MMA Training System